Custom printed face masks

Face masks are now part of our lives, allowing us to interact and get together. The truth is wearing a face mask may not prevent you from contracting the coronavirus or any other virus, but it can greatly decrease the likelihood of spreading germs from the wearer; whilst at the same time offering protection from pollen, dust and other particles.

Our custom printed face coverings come in three colours i.e. grey, navy and black which can be completely customised with colourful graphics, logos or messages that suit your brand requirements

Our range of face masks are washable, reusable and ideal for general daily use, makes them a perfect product to give out to employees and staff, personalised with your name, initials or company logo design, can also be use as a promotional giveaway to customers or at local community initiatives for promotional mailing campaigns, retail promotions at events, tradeshows or concerts!

At Colour Me Balloon our mask are printed with either one colour or multi colour print using top-of-the-line print technology and premium materials to ensure a clear and vibrant print quality.

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