Turn your Art to T-shirts

So you’ve created some artwork that people want to buy. Well done! Have you ever thought of applying your designs to more than just paper? Creating printed t-shirts, mugs and tote bags etc can help you reach a larger market and sell more work. There’s just a few steps you’ll need to follow to turn your illustrations into wearable trend.

Making your t-shirt design print ready

If you’ve drawn your t-shirt design on paper, you will need to scan it in a high resolution format. That means dialling up the scan settings on your scanner to at least 600dpi.

Now for the important step. Image trace in Illustrator or Deep etching in photoshop to remove the paper background so that it becomes transparent. Don’t have either of this designing app? No problem! You can hire a designer to deep etch or image trace your custom design for you easily, cheaply and quickly.

If you’ve used a tablet to create your design i.e. “Procreate” then you can skip the above process. Just make sure you save your t-shirt design at 600dpi in PNG format.

Choosing the right garment

High quality t-shirts are important if you want to make a good name for your brand. AWDis brand are a great place to start and one of the top brand we carry. They make the best quality basics, comes in a different colours, are great value for money, have high ethical standards and hold up really well in the wash.

Getting pre-sales

The last step is to drum up some sales! Pre-orders are a safe way for you to start selling without spending a lot of money on a large number of printed t shirts. We recommend creating a mockup of your t shirt design that you can post on your online store and share on social media. You can find t shirt mockup templates online that will allow you to display your design on a t-shirt before even printing it. Once you’ve made some sales you can then order your designs through Colour Me Balloon and ship them out to your customers.

Now you’re on your way to getting your designs out to the people!

**Flock vinyl material used for this design**

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