Ways To Use Stickers For Your Business

When it comes to using stickers for business purposes, many people struggle to come up with ideas. The usual question is ‘aren’t stickers for children’? You are right and at the same time wrong. Stickers can be a powerful marketing tool if used correctly.

There is a large selection of customised business stickers available in the market place, and each can be used to spread the word about your business and build your brand.

Below are some ways you can use customisable stickers to your advantage.

1. Packaging

Packaging is often one of the key things you and your business will be assessed, so choosing effective labelling is important. It not only shows the type of business you are, it portrays what your business is about; and customers love a well packaged and label product.

2. Window Display

Do you have your own store or shop front? Then using a customised window decal/stickers for store window will be perfect.

You can still be promoting or advertising to passerby even when your store is close, window decal can even be use to display everything from special events to store opening time.

3.  Giveaway

Who doesn’t like a give away or freebies. Simply print some personalised stickers i.e Business logos, and hand them out at events, fair ground, trade shows etc. Or even include them in gift/sample packs to your customers. Custom logo stickers build awareness, and people might stick them on their belongings; that is an extra advertisement for you.

4. Car

Perfect mobile advertising 

Car stickers or car decal, regardless of what you call it, can be use to display your business information. Stuck on your car to promote awareness, which can either be a small or large elements displayed anywhere on your car.

Doing these works like a portable mini advert that follows you around wherever you may go; to build awareness and help your brand remain in the minds of your customers and potential customers.

We provide sticker printing services in different sizes or shapes, the fun part is you can load your logo design using our online designer or request a quote if you can’t find the sizes/shapes you want.

It has simply as that, happy ordering!!

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