Meet our Heat Transfer Materials.

Heat transfer vinyl, or HTV for short, is a vinyl-like material that permanently attaches to  another material when heated. Heat transfer vinyl is often used to decorate t-shirts, jerseys, hats, pillows, bags etc.

A single sheet of heat transfer vinyl is made up of three different parts: (1) a clear plastic carrier sheet on the top, (2) the decorative vinyl in the middle, and (3) the heat-activated adhesive on the bottom (sometimes called the “hot melt”). Each of these parts serves an important function in helping to adhere to the fabric.

Hopefully, we have been able to lay a simple foundation on what heat transfer vinyl is all about; now let move to the fun part🙂

Our customers get overwhelmed with the different types of HTV material available; they are not alone though 😅; we also get overwhelm keeping up with the different heat transfers available in the market. To make things easy for our customers we have listed below some of the heat transfer vinyls we constantly use depending on the type of fabric or design required by our customers. These are not exhaustive.

Standard Heat Transfer

Standard Film Heat Transfer Vinyl is a favourite go to material.

One of the most popular htv material in the market, comes in different colours, highly versitale, durable with a matt finish that is smooth to touch and can be layered. Use for sports names/numbers, leisure, promotional and workwear garments. Ideal for large graphics.

Suitable for Cotton, Polyester, Polycotton blends fabric.

Flock Heat Transfer

A personal favourite!

Gives a luxurious, velvet look and feel to any design. Comes in different lush colours, made with high-density, high quality fibres, long lasting and vibrant, guess what?..CAN BE LAYERED!😁

Suitable for 100% polyester, cotton, poly/cotton blends fabric.

Glitter Heat Transfer

This HTV add sparkle to your design, comes in different trendy colours to make your design pop and glitter. Perfect for children/adult garment, fashion, dance troops, cheerleading and much more! And NO! The glitter does not flake👌 and not suitable for layering.

Suitable for 100% polyester, cotton, poly/cotton blends fabric.

Effect Heat Transfer Vinyl

This material has an hologram effect, that makes your artwork stand out with stunning chrome effect. Slightly thicker material, but has a unique holographic sparkle effect that reflects as you move, creating a distinctive visual effect and comes in a variety of colours.

Suitable for 100% polyester, cotton, poly/cotton blends fabric.

Digital Heat Transfer

Ideally for multi colours design which exceed 4/5 colours in any one design, which normally will be difficult when using multiple layering method. Super economical compare to screen printing, super lightweight and suitable for a variety of fabric type.

Suitable for 100% cotton, polyester, poly/cotton blend fabrics.

Metallic Heat Transfer

This HTV gives a shimmer, metallic look, but with a super soft feel and finish.

This material once pressed on feels like part of the garment. Something to suit any customer and your design is sure to catch attention, and comes in different shimmering colours.

Suitable for 100% cotton, 100% polyester, poly/cotton blend.

Glow In the Dark

A white polyurethane film that looks great in the daylight and glows in the dark. To allow GID to glow, the film needs charging by exposing it to sunlight. This heat transfer vinyl is perfect for simple halloween costumes, workwear and can be layered on other materials for unique and interesting designs!

Suitable for White or Light Coloured 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester and Poly/Cotton Blends.

A great deal of the garment we stock are suitable to use with these htvs; if not sure, send us an email, we are more than happy to assist.

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