Tips for caring for your T-shirts

We all want our customised printed t-shirts to retain it artwork, design and colours as long as possible.

In this post we will let you on some easy tips to follow to maintain your printed t-shirts and get the most of your purchase.

1. Turn your t-shirts inside out before putting them in the washing machine.

This will provide more protection and reduce direct contact of the prints to other garments, oh πŸ˜ƒ and always wash as delicate at 30c.

2. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners.

Regular detergents will suffice, its enough to make your clothes clean. The use of bleach or any other strong detergents might damage prints made using not only with vinyl materials but also ink printing (sublimation) which are pressed on, using heat transfer printing method.

3. Do not iron direct on the print/design.

Avoid ironing directly on the prints. If there is need to iron, turn the t-shirt inside out and iron on the reverse at a lower temperature. 

4. Avoid using the tumble dryer for your t-shirts.

Heat is bad πŸ‘Žfor the prints, they not only shrink the garments, they also damage the print, making them crack or peel. Dry your clothes the natural way.

At ColourMeBalloon all garments and materials use for printing are of the highest quality, sourced from reputable companies. We are however not responsible for how customers care for their prints.

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